Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saucy Chronicles 1 – Unicorns, Published

saucychronicles Today is an exciting day. Saucy Chronicles 1: Unicorns has been published on Amazon for Kindle. This is a short story compilation written by the members of my online writer’s group Saucy Ink, and one of the stories in their is my own.

The book was edited by Steve, one of our Saucy Ink members. He’s a retired editor, and we are fortunate to have him be part of our group.

I know I should have prefaced this blog post with a warning about blatant self promotion, but I don’t really consider self promotion as much as promotion of the other seven talented writers who contributed to the work.

I know few people will not believe this, but I would be promoting this book just as hard even if my story wasn’t in it. In fact, my story isn’t close to the best one in the book. The other authors, (I can’t really call you guys just writers any more, can I?) did a wonderful job of crafting their stories and I enjoyed each one even in its original draft form.

We started the project last summer to help us experience writing to a deadline and writing within a target word count. We needed a theme and when the idea of ‘unicorns’ was tossed out, the group jumped on it like steak thrown into a lion’s den. We each drafted our stories and one by one put them up to the group to critique. I learned so much during the critique of my story. We went through two more drafts, and Steve lent his talents to copyedit each final draft. Then he took upon the arduous task of preparing the book for publishing. This is not as easy as it looks, and Steve put in a many hours getting it right. The original plan was for the book to be available in all formats, but ultimately, we only published on Kindle, so I won’t be able to purchase the book on my Daughter’s Nook.

Each author (I just love typing that word) retained the right to republish their own story, either by itself (unlikely) or as part of a compilation of their own works (more likely).

The unicorns in the stories won’t be the kind you see in My Little Pony(tm). They are found on every point of the moral compass, but each is a remarkable character.


Laurie Tom said...

Congratulations to all of you. I stopped by Saucy Ink when you first mentioned it and I'm glad the project came together!

Cathy said...

I already told you but I did purchase a copy and have read about half of the stories. Of course i read yours first. I did enjoy the stories I read and I did love yours as well. I may be a bit prejudiced but a Mom is allowed that.