Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Glorious Irrelevance of eBooks

I can’t wait for the Google spiders to get a hold of that title.

It’s funny, but whenever you start to tell people about your dream to become an author, the conversation will quickly turn to the eBook/eReader revolution and your plans. As part of my education as a writer, I am in the process of learning a little bit about the publishing industry. Print is dead and eBooks are the da bomb dot com baby. Everybody whose anybody knows that you got to get on the self publishing bandwagon and make your millions.

Or not.

I’m somewhat relieved to be able to sit back and revel in the knowledge that the whole eBook/self publishing/traditional publishing debate is largely irrelevant to me at this point in my career. Whether you are going to self publish an eBook, or traditionally publish a  dead tree book, the first step remains the same.

Write a really good book.

That is where I’m putting my energy and efforts right now. I’m learning to write the very best book I can. When the time comes, I will study and evaluate the landscape and choose what is best for me at that time. But with the pace of change the industry is experiencing right now, any speculation as to what it will be at that time is pointless.

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