Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Journey

As I was finishing up working on my Work In Progress last night I made an offhand comment to my wife.

"This book stubbornly refuses to write itself."

I mean wouldn't it be great if I turned the computer on one day and there it was, completely written in all its glory, a finished masterpiece. But after we laughed a little bit, it got me to thinking. It would actually be a bad thing if that happened because I would not have had the chance to learn all the lessons that writing the book will teach me. I'm still pretty new to this whole writing fiction thing, so I have a ton to learn.

And then I realized, I do the same thing with God. I ask him for all sorts of things to come to me fully packaged with a nice bow on top. Maybe you do, too. You ask for the job, or the house, or the girlfriend. But just like there is value in me sitting down night and night and writing word after word, sentence after sentence, there is value in the journey to the job, or house, or girl friend. God has stuff he wants us to learn along the journey that just waving his magic wand and making stuff appear like the State Farm commercial wouldn't help us learn.

God wants us to learn, and to grow. We only do that on the journey.

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