Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Six: Weather

Six questions from my friend Patrick.

1. The weather’s just too hot for you and you decide to escape for a week to somewhere cooler: what’s the first place you’d think of?

Bryson City, NC. My wife and I spent both our honeymoon and babymoon in this lovely little city near Cherokee. She loves waterfalls so we would hike to various waterfalls nearby. We rode the railroad and just took in the amazing mountain scenery. I don’t if you appreciate how different the mountains look to people who live their whole life on the coast. We are just amazed by them.

2. Months later, the weather’s now too cold for you and you decide to escape for a week to somewhere warmer: what’s the first place you’d think of?

If we are going somewhere warm, it’s probably Orlando. Our daughter loves Disney World. We’ve gone three times and each time we go it’s a better experience than the last. Some of her favorite things to do are the Indy Speedway in Magic Kingdom, Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure in Epcot and the Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom.

3. Severe weather is moving your way. Which are you more likely to turn to first to get information on the storm: your radio, your television or the web?

As long as we have power, it’ll be the web, then the TV. The radio is broken out once we lose power. On the web we like the National Hurricane Center’s site, and the Hurricane Tracker on When we go to TV, we prefer Bill Walsh. So many of the local weathermen try to overhype and sensationalize hurricanes as they approach. We find Bill to be the most even tempered and we appreciate it.

4. You find yourself sitting on a screened in porch during a strong thunderstorm: do you find this relaxing or terrifying?

I don’t think I’d be either relaxed or terrified. It’s not something I would particularly want to do, nor really enjoy. I’d much rather be inside.

5. What is your thermostat set to right now?

78. We keep it there most of the summer.

6. How high do you set it at the coldest part of winter?

I’m pretty sure we keep it around 72. We have an eastern exposure house which helps some.

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