Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Developing a Presence

It's good to have friends.

I was getting wrapped around the axle (where did THAT expression come from) about my internet presence. I don't have a very big one, and certainly not as big of one as I used to have in my alter ego as Honorshammer the Paladin tank. Publishers look at a prospective author's internet presence. You need one. I started getting worried that my relatively small presence would be a hindrance when I started seeking publication, but I could tell I was putting way too much pressure on myself in regards to this issue.

That's when I turned to my Writer's Group. This is a group of people from all across the country (and world) that I’m sharing with, learning with and growing with. I posted on our message boards with the issues I was having and a got a couple of responses that were both thoughtful and helpful.

It's tough going from a 1000 hits a day blog like Tami had with Ego or I had with Honors Code to low double digits in our writers blog. But Tami is right. I knew it was time to move on from Honors Code.

Then Maz lifted my spirits when she replied she enjoyed reading about my writing journey on here. I know that comments like that shouldn't have so much impact on me, but at this stage in my journey, a positive comment like that is treasured.

The resolution, for me, came through my twitter feed. I follow @AdviceToWriters. They will send out quotes and links to articles. This quote came from Neil Gaiman, who has written episodes for both Babylon 5 and Dr. Who. That gives him major cool points in my book.

"Use your blog to connect. Use it as you. Don't 'network' or 'promote'. Just talk.”

Just talk. I can do that. Thanks for stopping by today to listen!

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Mazil said...

I'm so happy that a small comment had a positive effect. I almost wish I'd paid you a more gushing compliment, but, as it stands, it is 100% true :)