Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday Six: Social Media

1. How many social media networks do you belong to at the moment?

Currently, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

2. How many social media networks have you joined, then stopped using because you didn’t care for their setup or operation?

I can’t think of any I joined and then stopped using. Well, I don’t use ICQ or IRC much anymore but those were really before ‘social network’ was even a word. I was never into MySpace. I don’t think I was its target demographic. FourSquare has never appealed to me. If you need to know my location that badly, just call me. Any of the others are just too small for me to be overly concerned with.

3. Which social media network do you use the most?

Twitter. I get most of my news in my Twitter feed now, and it allows me follow celebrities easily without encroaching on their privacy. They chose what and when to post. I can connect to people with similiar interests and still keep a relatively low profile.

4. ?Take the quiz: Are You Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?

I’m a Twitter. Who knew?

5. How do you feel about geotagging networks like FourSquare, where users can post their current locations: cool idea or security risk?

I think it depends on your situation in life. I can’t see it being much of a security risk to me, yet I still don’t use it. If you think your friends really want to trace your every move, let me know where you live, I’m sure we can find a good consoler in your area.

6. If you know a company that you do a lot of business with is on a social network that you belong to, are you more likely to “friend” or “like” them?

Sure. Many times companies will give deals or coupons to their Facebook or Twitter followers. I don’t really consider it spam because I’m asking for it, and there’s a solid chance it’ll be useful to me because these are companies I already do business with.

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