Monday, April 9, 2012

Author Page

One of the things that has happened as result of Unicorns is that I now have an Author page on

Here I am, yeah, me!

There is a place to link your blog, twitter, and probably Facebook as well, and that got me thinking. Do I need to change my Twitter and my blog? My Twitter is surprisingly one of the more authentic snapshots of myself. But what I talk about Twitter is all over the place, writing, religion, sports, games. Anything and everything that I’m passionate about shows up there, although, much like my blog, I don’t talk in specifics about my family. I envision someone seeing Unicorns, checking out my author page and seeing my twitter filled with gaming or sports tweets and thinking that I’m either not a very serious writer, or not someone they would be interested in. Neither of those are really the image I want to portray. I could get two twitter handles, but I don’t want the ‘writer’ handle to be nothing but self promotion. I would need both accounts to sound like a living person. This also spills over to the blog. I do have a separate blog for my gaming pursuits, but I still feel like I’m finding my way on this blog.

This may be putting de cart way before de horse. Unicorns is literally the only thing I have up right now, and the chances of people finding me are pretty slim. I think it’s better to concentrate on improving my writing and figure out the blog and Twitter stuff later.


Bre said...

I think you should leave your twitter just as it is. It is a reflection on yourself as a person and any fan of your work will love to see those snapshot moments into the life an author they enjoy. I know I have felt that way when I have stumbled onto blogs and websites of authors I enjoy and I see posts about other thing besides writing.

Just my thoughts, but great to see your page!

Cathy said...

I agree you should leave that fun stuff about yourself. It helps readers relate to you. What you might want to think about is branding. Everything I do including my website is Cathy's Voice. I plan to add a facebook page soon. I plan to see how closely I can link colors and themes on all sites. You want people to recognize you anywhere they go.