Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seven Things About Me

My Mom at Cathy’s Voice tagged me in a meme to write a blog sharing seven things about yourself. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I will step up to the keyboard.
Numero Uno: Since my Mom and my sister both started with their places of birth, I guess it’s natural for me to start there as well. I was born in Santa Barbara, California. But I didn’t stay in California long. Somewhere between 3 months to a year, I was piled into a baby bathtub and rode in the back of my parents sedan from California all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. So even though I was born on the West Coast, I consider myself a southern gentlemen.
Two for the Road: I have lived in California, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Alabama. I promise I was not a military brat nor a gypsy, but we did seem to get around.
Three’s Company: Not many people in my current circles know this, but during college I was a Frat boy. I joined Pi Lambda Phi during my freshmen year at Auburn. It provided an instant social group for a socially awkward kid several hundred miles from him, but ultimately would prove to be a poor decision.
Four on the Floor: Neither Pi Lamb nor Auburn claims any connection to me, largely because I dropped out of both, however; should I ever become a famous author I’m sure both will proudly list me among their alumni, and start sending me fund raising letters.

Number Five is Alive: I am a huge Star Wars fan. My parents took me to see Star Wars in the theatres during the initial release in 1977 and I was hooked. I have seen the movies in all their various forms, and editions more times than I can count. I can quote entire scenes on demand (Original Trilogy only, we will not discuss those other three movies referred to as The Prequels). I wonder if they had any idea how much they were about to warp their little four year old when they took me in that theatre, but I kind of doubt they did.
Six Shooter: Movies and books have played a large role in my life. Atlas Shrugged help start me on my journey away from God, and Star Wars along with Top Gun influenced me into pursuing Aerospace Engineering which led me to Auburn.
Ole Number Seven: I grew up a baseball fan and followed the Philadelphia Phillies, but as baseball became more and more a sport of haves and have nots decided more by the pocketbook than the pitcher’s mound, my interest moved to football. When my home state got a share of the new Carolina Panthers franchise in 1993, I became a passionate follower of the team. My favorite game remains the 2003 Playoff double overtime thriller against the Greatest Show on Turf, the St. Louis Rams. The Panthers went on to lose the Super Bowl that year to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Brady has three rings, you think he could have given up that one to us.
That wasn’t so bad. As for people I’d like to tag for this: Tami, Amber, and Patrick.


Cathy said...

Loved it. Let me correct one thing. Yes you did ride in an orange plastic baby seat that did resemble a baby bath tub, however, you rode in the front between the two bucket seats of a Bronco. Hey, it was what we had at the time. You were born in Santa Barbara but we lived in Goleta. The local newspaper shared that were a new native Goletian. LOL

Integrity, Honesty, Blunt, Lory said...

You were 4months old!

--Brady didn't know the Panthers wanted it so bad, lol.