Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Today we celebrate America’s birthday. We should take a moment today to remember again the sacrifice being made by men and women around the world to protect our freedom and way of life. They have given of their time, talents, and sometimes their lives. To every person in uniform, and to all those at home who call you Father, or Mother, or Son or Daughter, or Wife or Husband: Today, and every day, you have my heart felt gratitude.
Across the nation today, people will play the Star Spangled Banner. My friend, Paul, made an excellent point to me about the national anthem.
It wasn’t written during the Revolutionary War. Instead it was written during the attack on Fort McKinley during the War of 1812. In the Revolutionary War, Americans fought for their independence. We won and became a free people. Yet, it wasn’t until that resolve was tested years later in the War of 1812, that the question was really answered. Would we stay together? Would we be able to come together against a common foe. It is in those times of testing our mettle, as countries, and as individuals that the anthems of our lives are written.
So let us celebrate the grand old flag and the red, white and blue. And let us, in these times that try us financially, or personally, or spiritually write an anthem of our resolve to pursue our hopes and dreams.
It’s the American Way, and the American Dream.

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