Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Picture Pages

I have a problem. I want to use pretty pictures with my posts. What I normally do is a Google Images search for the image I want, copy to my hard drive, and post to my blog. After talking with a good friend, I was shocked to learn that this is sort of illegal and violates the image creators copyright.

Who knew?

As someone who hopes to one day make some money on copyrighted material (novel, short story) it would probably be a good idea to honor the copyright of others. Not to mention that whole ethics/conscience thing I’ve got going on.

I was given a link to a couple of photo services, but these places charge about $1 a photo. That that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve already written 32 posts on this blog. That would be over $30. I plan on doing hundreds of posts. That is going to get expensive after a while.

I wonder how other bloggers handle this? If you have some ideas on how I could address this issue, feel free to drop me a line in the comments.

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Integrity, Honesty, Blunt, Lory said...

go to different areas of the lowcountry and take pretty pictures!! Ask friends from other area to take a few candid or scenary shots while out taking pics. Can you use the 'sample pictures' that come on the computer? You know a lot of the snapfish pictures are not copyrighted, people post pics all the time and I dont think any of those are under a copyrght, however some people do think of it as stealing. Some of the copyrighted pics, if you go to the info page, and read the actual copyright, says its ok to use fo certainexceptions, usually or not for profit kinda things. GoodLuck!