Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Seven: The Sixth Day

This week’s Sunday Seven question from Patrick’s Place is about the Creation story.

So having said all of that, we have seven days to work with. Your challenge is to imagine having the opportunity to be there as God did all of the creation: to watch it all happen as it happened. Which days would you be most interested in witnessing in the presence of God as He created everything?

I would want to be there on Day Six. This was day that God created man in most Judeo-Christian beliefs.

God’s Perspective

I would love to see what God was saying and thinking on that day. Was he already looking to the day He would have to send His Son to redeem this new creation of His. The Bible says that Jesus was slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation chapter thirteen, verse eight).

Was He holding out hope that maybe Adam wouldn’t screw it up in the Garden? Was is still possible on that sixth day that at the key moment Adam would chose to obey his God and not listen to the Snake?

Early Earth

I’d also love to see what Adam and Eve looked like. Some have speculated that Adam and Eve would have been the most attractive people ever created. The idea is that their DNA was perfect and it’s been degrading ever since.

In addition to see what Adam and Eve looked like, I would have loved to see what the Earth looked like. Was it some sort of Pangaea super continent? Would I even recognize it?

What was Adam’s world like? Were there fantastic creatures the likes of which we’ve never seen. Some people believe that there were dinosaurs walking around during the time of Adam. That would be cool, but how about dragons, unicorns and other incredible creatures. Did they populate Adam’s world?

I would also love to see how Adam was created. An often overlooked fact from the Biblical story is that Adam was created outside the Garden and then put into the Garden. Could that outside the Garden experience relate somehow to an evolutionary creation of Adam?

Day Six would be the day that interested me the most? How about you? Feel free to play along at Patrick’s Place.

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Patrick said...

Great post, Ted...thanks for playing.

Mine was day 7, only because the concept of genuine rest sometimes seems so elusive, and I'd love to see how God did it.