Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unicorn Update

The first draft is in the bag at just under 5,200.

I actually had two different ideas. My original thought was to write them both, but the second idea never made the leap from theme and character to good story.

I started with an outline of my first story, and then Tami and Bre gave me some helpful feedback.Next up I made a scene list similar to how I make a function list when I’m laying out a new computer program. Then it was just a matter of writing each scene and the transition and voila, a first draft.

My story is about a King whose pregnant wife has fallen deathly ill. The only way they can save her is by obtaining the horn of a Unicorn, but doing so will violate a treaty and force the King to surrender his Kingdom to an evil dictator. The King must choose between saving his wife and placing his subjects at the mercy of an evil tyrant, or spare his people people and lose my wife.

I’m looking forward to sharing with the Saucy Ink group and getting some feedback that will improve the story and hopefully my overall writing as well.

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Mazil said...

Meep, I need to get a wriggle on with mine! I'm really looking forward to reading yours, though :)